Therapy Intensive

When One Hour Once a Week Isn’t Cutting It, You Deserve Something Different

EMDR Intensives

Are you seeking effective and transformative counseling services? Explore our EMDR Intensives and Brainspotting , a powerful therapy option that can help you heal from trauma and emotional distress.

We offer both traditional weekly EMDR services and Intensive EMDR sessions.

What Are EMDR Intensives?

EMDR Intensives are a specialized form of therapy that offers concentrated and accelerated treatment for individuals who are seeking rapid emotional healing and relief. An intensive delivers treatment in a short period of time, with multiple EMDR sessions per day.

Benefits Of EMDR Intensives

Rapid Healing: EMDR Intensives can often achieve results in a shorter time compared to traditional therapy.

Long-lasting Relief: Experience relief from distressing symptoms and emotions.

Increased Resilience: Build the emotional resilience needed to face life’s challenges.

Transformative Growth: EMDR Intensives can lead to profound personal growth and self-discovery.

Who Is The Best Candidate For EMDR Intensives?

Please review the following criteria to see if you may be a good candidate for an EMDR Intensive:

  • I want to achieve faster results in therapy.
  • I have time constraints that make the intensive more convenient
  • I have already spent a good amount of time in therapy and it doesn’t seem to be helping or else progress is going too slowly for you.
  • I have good coping skills
  • I do well with self care
  • I have minimal dissociation

Structure Of EMDR Intensives

Pre-treatment screening: We will discuss your situation, needs, and goals to determine if you would be a good candidate for an EMDR intensive, assess the number of treatment days needed, and answer any questions you may have.

Personalized treatment workbook, which allows you to work on your treatment goals before, during, and after our intensive sessions.

A customized treatment program with targeted treatment goals. Therapy is done either in person or virtually, often for 3-9 sessions . Clients working virtually purchase their own tappers.

Post-treatment interview to assess and support your adaptation to positive changes from treatment.

Your Investment

Due to the focused nature of sessions, EMDR intensives can actually be more cost-effective at healing from a specific trauma, rather than weekly therapy sessions where time is spent catching up on weekly events and daily stressors. Intensives can be scheduled at a frequency that works best with your schedule and can be done as an adjunct to the work done with your primary therapist.

EMDR Intensives Options:

Full-day, virtual or in-person intensive

This includes 6 hours of therapy with 1 hour break for lunch and stretch/bathroom breaks, as needed.

Half-day, virtual or in-person intensive

This includes 3 hours of therapy at once, with one 15-minute break and additional stretch/bathroom breaks as needed.

90 minute EMDR processing sessions, virtual or in-person intensive:

2 hour EMDR processing sessions, virtual or in-person intensive:

*Individuals must be located in the state of Iowa to receive psychotherapy services.

* 50 minutes weekly EMDR sessions are also offered.